The thing I want to share with you today is something I learned from someone called Marshall Goldsmith: Showtime!


The thing I want to share with you today is something I learned from someone called Marshall Goldsmith: Showtime!

Another national lockdown and that can only mean one thing, and that is Showtime!

We find ourselves in another nationwide lockdown. Whether you think that is a good idea, whether you agree with it or not, is entirely irrelevant because it is our reality. We will have to deal with our businesses for at least the next two to three months optimistically. 

The thing that I wanted to share with you today is something that I learned from someone called Marshall Goldsmith who is an excellent leadership coach. He talks to his clients about Showtime and Showtime is a concept that helps you get your head in the game and helps you turn up the way you need to turn up in your business because right now your team members are worried and they are looking at you. 

 If you are frustrated, if you are cross if you are angry, if your head is down, they are picking up on that energy and it is not helping them, and it is certainly not going to help your business.

 Marshall Goldsmith talks about Showtime and Showtime is all about how you turn up the same way that an actor on the West End would turn up and whether they’ve had a bad day whether they’re in a bad mood, whether their tummy is sore it is completely irrelevant, because when they are on stage.

 They are in front of thousands of people that have paid to see them they need to be present, they need to be in the moment, and they need to put the best version of themselves forward And you, as a business owner, have signed up for the same job In your business you are the actor you are on the stage. It is Showtime, and you must leave whatever emotions and negative stuff are going on in your head, and you are completely focused 100% present, and you have high levels of energy.

 Yes, we are going through tough times. For some businesses, more challenging than others, I understand entirely that, but getting your head down, feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help you, and it’s not going to help the people that work for you so, it is Showtime.

 Go into your business to make sure that you’re full of energy. Watch last week’s episode: Circle of Control, Circle of Influence, and Circle of Concern; identity what you can control and identify the things you can influence and get to work.

You are the energy mechanism in your business if you show up with optimism if you show up with energy that will radiate down into your people. 

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