Are you a drain or a radiator? Mind Your Own Business – Episode 55

Are you a drain or a radiator? Mind Your Own Business – Episode 55

When you walk into your office is it like this? Or like this? This week I want to talk to you about energy and how incredibly important it is that you are a radiator in your business and not a big old drain – Hiya Georgie

What’s the difference? A radiator is somebody that radiates energy and positivity. You know those people they walk into a room and everybody in the room lifts up a bit. Everybody’s happy to see that person. I’m not they help the team feel good and positive and feel like they can accomplish anything.

The drains are those people that waltz into a room and sap all of the energy out of that room. People don’t like hanging around with drains and they aren’t good team players. So my big question for you is: are you a drain or a radiator?

Do you have drains on your team that you aren’t doing anything about? What are you doing to make sure, that you bring radiators into your business? Great teams are teams with energy teams that are happy teams that want to work together and if you want to grow a brilliant business you absolutely need to make sure that you are fostering a culture of radiation and not a mopey old, drainy culture

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