This week on “Mind Your Own Business” I’m going to share my top 10 time hacks to help you be super productive.

Now, these tips are very simple and very easy to implement and I’d like to encourage you to try as many of them as you can over the coming week 

  1. Kill your email notifications. If you have email notifications that either pop up or ding every time you receive a new email then go into your settings and just kill it altogether.

they are massively distracting and they almost certainly lead to a bit of procrastination so just remove that temptation altogether 


  1. Check your email. Instead of checking your emails throughout the day or whenever you have a spare five minutes book specific slots in your diary of when you’re going to deal with email I recommend two to four sessions a day and you probably only need 15 to 20 minutes per session 


  1. Do it, Drop it or Defer it. In conjunction with tip number two So when you have your assigned email slot go into your emails and if you can reply to an email in two minutes or less then do it straight away “Drop it” is about deleting any of the emails that you might have been copied into that you don’t really need to know about or any spam that you might have received so that just keeps your email inbox nice and clean And “Defer” is for those emails that need a little bit more attention Go into your diary and book a time when you’re going to be able to deal with that properly and give it the attention that it needs 


4.”Do not disturb” time If you’re at work make sure that you tell your colleagues about your do not disturb time If you’re at home tell your family and the idea is that you have a specific hour every single day at the same time and everybody knows to leave you alone for that particular hour then you can plan any deep work any work that requires a lot of concentration in that specific slot 


  1. Use a digital diary for your to-do list instead of having a to-do list written down on a piece of paper if you program it into your diary then it gives you an idea of not only what you need to do but how much time you have to do it in. Also you don’t set yourself up for failure because sometimes you might have a to-do list let’s say got, I don’t know, nine hours worth of work but you might only have three hours worth of available time because of all the things that you’ve already committed to in that particular day So for me “Outlook” is an essential tool for really understanding how much time I have and how much time I need to allocate to all of the things on my list     

6.Every single day make sure that you identify the top two or three priorities for that day and if at all possible, do that work first 


  1. Just say “No” Learn to say “No” don’t agree to go into meetings that you don’t need to go to don’t agree to doing tasks that you don’t need to be involved in Just say “No” to give you more time to do the things that are on your to-do list 


  1. Use software like “Trello” or “” to keep on top of those tasks that are kind of ongoing projects or more complicated in nature Personally I prefer “Trello” it’s really easy to use and it is free 


9.Try and manage your meetings a little bit better. First of all, don’t attend any meetings where there aren’t clear outcomes and a clear agenda make sure that you have standing up meetings if that is at all possible and where meetings do tend to over-run try and back them up against some other appointments or other meetings because that sometimes focuses the mind and makes sure that you’re being productive and moving through your meetings and achieving the outcomes that you need to And 


  1. Take regular breaks. You need some time to re-energise and going for a walk stepping away from your desk is really important because when you get back to your work then you’re in a more focused frame of mind and you can do your best work.


 So there you go, those are my top 10 tips to helping you become super productive, if you’re looking for more new business advice, then we’d like to see you every week on “Mind Your Own Business,”

Marco Soares is an award-winning business coach based in Sussex and is available if you’d like help implementing any of the tactics from “Mind Your Own Business”.