Hello. Okay


Yep, I’ll be there right away

Step aside, hero on the way

Every time there is a problem in your business do you put your superhero cape on and run to the rescue and save your team members from using their brains and figuring out the challenges and obstacles themselves? 

If you do, you are not enabling your people to step up and grow Often, what I hear from many business owners

– I’m the only one that can do this

– I’m the best person at doing this

– Nobody else can get the same results as me

 If you see yourself as the best doer of something in your business and you’re not giving people the space to show their potential to learn to make mistakes and to develop, then guess what? You’re going to be the person stuck doing whatever thing that you’re so “brilliant” at always and who’s going to be running the business? Who’s going to be developing the team? Who’s going to be putting the business plans together? Who’s going to be doing all of the business owner stuff? Nobody because you are too busy being the best So come on, chuck that superhero cape away and give your people the space to flourish I’ll see you next week on “Mind Your Own Business”

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