Do you make decisions based on short-term consequences or long-terms consequences? For many of us, the easier solution is to make decisions based on short-term consequences.

There are three levels of consequences that people need to think about when making decisions.

Level 1: Short-term consequences

Level 2: Medium-term consequences

Level 3: Long-term consequences

Let’s take exercise as an example

Level 1

You will feel some discomfort or pain or dedicate time during the week that you would rather spend doing other things.

Level 2

If you delayed the start of your exercise you might feel unhealthy or put on a little body weight.

Level 3

Over time, you could have serious health issues and reduced energy levels that would impact your lifestyle.

My challenge to you

Think about those areas where you know you are not paying the price now and there’s a high chance you might pay the price later.

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