A lesson from Team Sky

by May 4, 2016Leadership and Team

In 2009 Dave Brailsford was appointed Performance Director for the newly created Team Sky. Team Sky was put together for one key reason – to win the Tour de France within 5 years. Before then, no British cyclist had ever won the Tour. Over the 5 year period the team exceeded their goal by winning the Tour twice. Under Dave’s stewardship, Team Sky have dominated world cycling and achieved amazing results. I wanted to share this video with you. In it Brailsford explains two fundamental philosophies that have underpinned the team’s success – these principals have become part of the team’s culture and are central to their overwhelming success. How can you apply these philosophies to your business to achieve more than you ever thought possible?
Marco Soares

Marco Soares

I have worked with owner managed business since 2010. Over the years I have helped my clients grow turnover and profit by assisting them to structure their teams effectively, implement proper business planning systems and become highly effective leaders. My approach is simple and practical. I believe that success is the result of structure, consistent marginal improvement and a business’s ability to implement good ideas effectively.


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