5 Things Effective Managers Do

by Leadership and Team

Below are some basic fundamentals that make managing people a little easier.   Do you have these 5 areas working well in your business? 1) Set clear expectations. Do your team members explicitly know what is expected of them? Here’s the test. Ask each report to prioritise their top 5 responsibilities. Do a separate list yourself and compare the lists. The results can be very interesting. 2) Hold regular team meetings. Weekly meetings support good communication and accountability. Without them, priorities can get diluted and it’s difficult to ensure important actions are being executed on time and to the right standard. If your team meetings get displaced or are ineffective and boring you may want to address this. 3) Set KPI’s for direct reports. This relates to the first point. Without specific metrics in place it’s difficult to work out where each team member needs support, where resources should be focused or if someone is not up to standard. 4) Do not jump in to solve problems. If it’s easier to bring a problem to you than it is to sort it out, there’s only one likely outcome. If you find that your day is full of firefighting and interruptions, take a step back to see if you’re guilty of this 5) Model the behaviour you expect from your team. The team will take their cues from you. If you lack focus, are disorganised, get frustrated with customers etc, you’re basically saying that it’s okay to think and feel this way. Leading by example is not easy but it is very effective.     Which of these areas could you work on this week?