How to lead, organise

and develop your team

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A framework for helping you understand how to attract, lead and develop a high performance team in your business

Marco Soares and HSBC have teamed up to deliver a practical and thought provoking workshop designed for ambitious business owners who recognise that growing a great business requires not only a highly effective team who are fully engaged, but also a capable and aligned leadership team who understand how to get things done.

Leadership capability and team effectiveness are one the biggest barriers to growth…

In this fast-paced 90-minute session Marco will share a detailed overview of the fundamentals you need to master and implement to ensure you:


  • Understand how to engage your team so that they fully buy into your long-term aspirations and Company Vision.
  • Achieve better results by creating a culture of accountability across your business.
  • Build a highly effective leadership team to manage the day-to-day and growth of your business.
  • Attract, gain and retain the best people – who fit your culture and deliver great results.
  • Understand how you need to show up and develop personally, so that you are able to effectively lead and manage a team of A-players.
  • Identify and address challenges and opportunities in good time through better team communication.
  • Discover the tools, frameworks and principals you need to master in order to easily manage and lead a great team.
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Stefan Grosvenor – Identity Consulting

“Very useful and worth every minute”

Jayne Ausling – Ware-Logic

“Engaging, easy to apply to your own business. Excellent facilitator to take your business forward”

Eileen Waller – JC Leisure

“Excellent, I think all businesses would get something from it, either with respect to financials, gaining more business or organising time”

Jeremy Parkin – Cockett Henderson

“Wouldn’t tell my competitors! But I would tell other business owners”

Kerem Sahin – Girne American University Ltd

“It is very eye opening and gives broad understanding of challenges and the tools available”

Dillan Gamanlal – Dillex

“Should be compulsory for all business owners”

What’s stopping you from getting to the next level?

Often businesses don’t achieve their full potential because their goals and aspirations are beyond the capability of their team, but another bottleneck to the business and its subsequent level of growth can be the owner’s limited ability and skill set.

Growing businesses generally require more people. Having more people increases complexity because of the additional requirement for management, better communication discipline and the ever changing role and skill requirements to manage the inevitable challenges along the way. This webinar is a powerful resource for those who wish to navigate these challenges effectively.


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MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: How to lead, organise and develop your team

Where: Zoom

Date: Thursday 20th May 2021

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am (with a Q&A session at the end)


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