So, what is strategy?

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A framework for helping you understand what strategy really is and how you can develop one for your business that helps you achieve your growth goals

So, what is strategy?

Strategy is one of those phrases that is often misused and poorly understood. Many businesses believe that they are operating ‘strategically’ but in truth they are tactical, or short term, in their decision making and planning.

Marco Soares and HSBC have teamed up to deliver a practical and thought-provoking workshop designed for ambitious business owners who recognise the need to truly understand what strategy really is, and how to develop one that actually makes sense for their business.

Understanding and applying strategy in your business…

In this fast-paced 90-minute session Marco will share a detailed overview of the fundamentals you need to master in order to develop an effective growth strategy for your business.

What can you expect from this workshop?

  • Gain a simple and clear understanding of what strategy really is
  • Learn a practical framework for developing a strategy that makes sense for your business and growth goals
  • Understand how and why you should optimise your business model to deliver better cash and margin performance
  • Learn about the importance of core customers and value proposition
  • Discover how to position yourself head and shoulders above your competitors
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Stefan Grosvenor – Identity Consulting

“Very useful and worth every minute”

Jayne Ausling – Ware-Logic

“Engaging, easy to apply to your own business. Excellent facilitator to take your business forward”

Eileen Waller – JC Leisure

“Excellent, I think all businesses would get something from it, either with respect to financials, gaining more business or organising time”

Jeremy Parkin – Cockett Henderson

“Wouldn’t tell my competitors! But I would tell other business owners”

Kerem Sahin – Girne American University Ltd

“It is very eye opening and gives broad understanding of challenges and the tools available”

Dillan Gamanlal – Dillex

“Should be compulsory for all business owners”

What’s stopping you from getting to the next level?

Without a clear, well thought out strategy in place, you’ll likely find that you reach a point where it is difficult to make informed decisions about your sales, marketing, operations, people and finance. Strategy touches every area of your business. It adds context to how you allocate time and money, it helps you stand out from your competitors and stops you from making poor decisions that lead you off the right path and into areas where you can’t fully realise your businesses potential.

Strategy isn’t a buzz word, it’s not fluffy and it doesn’t need to be a mysterious concept. Strategy is an essential component to creating and sustaining profitable growth and attracting the best talent into your business. ‘A’ players don’t work for businesses that lack clear goals and coherent strategy. If you want the best people, you’ll need a great strategy.


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Where: Zoom

Date: Thursday 19th August 2021

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am (with a Q&A session at the end)


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