Effective Recruitment Masterclass

Attracting, assessing and selecting the right talent for your business

Depending on the source, the cost of a miss hire is estimated to be anywhere between 2 – 4 x annual salary.

When you consider the cost of having the wrong candidate in place who can’t achieve the outcomes you need, the management time for underperformance, the recruitment costs, the input from various people in the recruitment process and the months you potentially loose to remove and re-hire, it’s easy to see how important it is to get recruitment right.

What will we cover?

For many of you, hiring the right people to support your business and free up time for you and your managers will be a big focus point over the coming years, so this Masterclass is essential for every client and your key people who are involved in hiring (even if you think you’re nailing it!) 

What can you expect? I’ll be covering:  

  • Effective Role scoping to ensure you set off correctly from the start.
  • Understanding what you need to do to build your Employer Brand so you can attract the right talent.
  • Detailed explanation of the recruitment process which you can adapt for all roles in your business.
  • Interview best practice so you can assess and question effectively.

Any team members who are directly involved in recruitment are welcome to attend. 


Effective Recruitment Masterclass

Where: Zoom

Date: Monday 21st August 2023

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm

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