Fundamentals for Growth

an exclusive workshop for client of HSBC


A framework for creating the foundations to achieving consistent and sustainable year on year growth

Marco Soares and HSBC have teamed up to deliver a practical and proven workshop designed for ambitious business owners who are focused on growing their business and want to understand the best tools, frameworks and principals for creating a scalable business that delivers consistent results

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Achieving growth is one thing, maintaining that growth with stable margins, good cash flow and your sanity intact is entirely different.

Growth creates a unique set of challenges. Those challenges centre around team structure and capability, operational effectiveness and scalability as well as your company’s ability to define and implement an effective growth strategy. Many businesses sleepwalk into entirely avoidable challenges because of a lack of bandwidth to understand and address these challenges before things become urgent.


Get yourself out of the day to day ‘doing’ so you can confidently lead and scale your business.

As the businesses owner it’s critical for you to focus a significant proportion of your time and energy on understanding how to navigate these challenges and build a brilliant team around you who have the skills, attitude and capability to effectively address these issues head on.

This Fundamentals for Growth workshop will give you a clearer understanding of how to do this using proven frameworks and tools that have been developed specifically for owner managed businesses.

one man with a unsteady foundation, one man with a steady foundation

What will we cover?

In this fast-paced workshop Marco will share a detailed overview of the fundamentals you need to master and implement to ensure you:

  • Have a full understanding of the obstacles to achieving consistent year on year growth
  • Understand what a growth strategy is and how to implement it
  • Build a highly effective leadership team that have the skills to effectively support you and your business
  • Attract, gain and retain the best people – who fit your culture and deliver results with little management time.
  • Pinpoint and fix cash and profit leaks
  • Achieve operational excellence to deliver a consistent, great customer experience.
  • Have the structure you need to keep you out of the day-to-day activities that suck up your time!
Kerem Sahin – Girne American University Ltd
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“It is very eye opening and gives broad understanding of challenges and the tools available”
Jeremy Parkin – Cockett Henderson
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“Wouldn’t tell my competitors! But I would tell other business owners”
Dillan Gamanlal – Dillex
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“Should be compulsory for all business owners”
Stefan Grosvenor – Identity Consulting
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“Very useful and worth every minute”
Jayne Ausling – Tap'in
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“Engaging, easy to apply to your own business. Excellent facilitator to take your business forward”
Eileen Waller – JC Leisure
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“Excellent, I think all businesses would get something from it, either with respect to financials, gaining more business or organising time”

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Fundamentals for Growth

Where: Mercure Maidstone, Great Danes Hotel, Maidstone

Date: Friday 19th May 2023

Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm

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Get yourself out of the day to day ‘doing’ so you can confidently lead and scale your business.

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