What results can you expect from business coaching?

My job is to help my clients put good foundations in place to support solid growth 

Good foundations are vital for a good business and once the foundations are in place, the next stage is to put a proper growth strategy on top of those foundations.

If you are ambitious, want to grow your business and you don’t put proper foundations in place, you’re going to go through a rollercoaster ride of growth followed by retraction because your business isn’t quite ready get to the next level.

So in terms of numbers, what can you expect?

If you have good foundations, a great team, properly resourced functions, and broadly speaking people are doing what they should be doing in those functions, then you should get pretty quick results.

I’d be disappointed if my clients don’t grow at least 20% year on year. I’ve worked with many businesses that have been able to exceed that growth level. But it all depends on you, and it depends on your business.

If you do everything you say you’re going to do in between coaching sessions, you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible.

And that is really what coaching is about; it’s about helping you follow through on the things that you know you are supposed to be doing.

Does business coaching work?


Does business coaching work?


Can you get decent results from coaching?

Definitely. But it does come down to you doing the graft!

Do you have proper foundations in place?

If you do, you can expect quick results. If you don’t, you need to put those foundations in place first.

You will see an uplift in margins and efficiency, but the real results really come from when those foundations are in place.

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What is business coaching?

How does business coaching actually work?