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A framework for helping you understand how to create a business plan that is simple, relevant and actionable

Marco Soares and HSBC have teamed up to deliver a practical and thought-provoking online workshop designed for ambitious business owners who recognise the need to plan but want to follow a framework that is simple, relevant and actionable.

Mind Your Own Business: Planning for Growth will take you through the fundamentals that you need to know and understand to create a solid plan for your business.

Better results and less drama?

Business plans don’t have to be dull, boring documents that get forgotten about or confined to the dreaded ‘business planning drawer’. Your business plan should be a relevant and exciting roadmap of what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. When done right, it can be a powerful tool for both you and your team.


Why do you even need a business plan?

Well, because most growth businesses are more likely to suffer from indigestion rather than lack of opportunity. You may have experienced some of this in your business. Taking on too much, spreading your team and yourself too thin, focusing on the wrong things, over trading, increasing revenue but unknowingly sacrificing profitability and cash, making short term decisions instead of medium/long-term decisions. In short, so busy doing, reacting and firefighting that you don’t achieve the financial results you want nor fulfil the potential you know you are capable of.

A great business plan should give you the time to stop, think and reset. It should help you understand what changes you need to make to your team, business model and functions to achieve your growth goals. In my view a business plan is a tool for making decisions and providing focus.

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    What can you expect from this workshop?

    • Gain a clear understanding of why business plans fail so you can avoid the common pitfalls.

    • Learn a simple, practical step-by-step framework for creating a plan for your business.

    • Assess the status of your team and business functions and how to develop them over the next 12 months.

    • Understand the strengths, weaknesses and scalability of your business model and what you can do about it

    • Learn how to achieve sustainable results by shifting from short-term tactical thinking to long-term strategic thinking

    • Discover how to get better traction and team engagement in your business planning by understanding how to involve your team in the process.

    These fast-paced 90-minute exclusive events are engaging, interesting and packed with practical tips and best practice for owner managed businesses and the feedback we receive is consistently excellent.


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    Stefan Grosvenor – Identity Consulting

    “Very useful and worth every minute”

    Jayne Ausling – Ware-Logic

    “Engaging, easy to apply to your own business. Excellent facilitator to take your business forward”

    Eileen Waller – JC Leisure

    “Excellent, I think all businesses would get something from it, either with respect to financials, gaining more business or organising time”

    Jeremy Parkin – Cockett Henderson

    “Wouldn’t tell my competitors! But I would tell other business owners”

    Kerem Sahin – Girne American University Ltd

    “It is very eye opening and gives broad understanding of challenges and the tools available”

    Dillan Gamanlal – Dillex

    “Should be compulsory for all business owners”

    Go into 2022 with a crystal clear picture of the top priorities for your business and a plan with well thought out actionable steps.

    After 18 months of uncertainty and significant change it’s time to refocus and make the most out of 2022. Going into the next year focused and clear headed about what the biggest priorities are, what your financial goals are and how you need to adapt and change as a business, could be the difference between a good year and an amazing one.

    Give your people the clarity and inspiration they need to help you shift your business to the next level. Make 2022 the year your business becomes more structured, focused and resilient. Make 2022 your best year yet.


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    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Planning for Growth

    Where: Zoom

    Date: Thursday 25th November 2021

    Time: 10.00am – 11.30am (with a Q&A session at the end)


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