Time to be more effective?

by Personal Development

Ever got to the end of a busy day and thought ‘what have I actually achieved today?’ Be more productive and control your time better with these 5 tips: 1) Make time more visible by using an electronic diary to manage all tasks, meetings and activities. Plan your diary every morning and adjust it throughout the day as things change. It’s much easier to manage your time when you have this tool in place. 2) Write yourself a job description if you don’t have one. Think about it this way. If you were going to hire someone to replace you, what would their priorities be and what would you want them to focus on daily, weekly and monthly.  This exercise will help you identify all the things you should not be doing. 3) Get to work 60 mins before everyone else. This precious time will be free of interruptions and will enable you to set the day up. 4) When you need to concentrate on a particular task or activity, avoid interruptions by closing down your email, putting your phone on voice mail and let your team know you’re unavailable for 30 mins. 5) Tidy your desk. Simple I know, but a clear and well organised workspace helps energy levels and concentration.   I’m not sure what you achieved yesterday but with these tips hopefully today will be better!