How well do you know yourself?

by Personal Development

How well do you know yourself? In order to improve, grow and develop as a business owner, or anything for that matter, it’s important to have good personal awareness. So how well do your know yourself? What are you your strengths, talents and weaknesses? What type of team members should you surround yourself by, in order to do your best work? Here are a few questions to reflect on:
  • Which tasks and activities give you energy and why?
  • Which tasks and activities drain your energy and why?
  • Are you a glass half empty or glass half full type of person, and what impact does this have on you and your team?
  • What strengths could you develop into super strengths and how could you go about doing this?
  • Which areas do you know you need to develop to be a better manager and leader?
  Now what do you need to STOP, START & KEEP doing over the next two weeks to be a better you?