Mind Your Own Business is a weekly vlog created for business owners that want practical, straight forward advice to improve profitability, cash flow and develop a high performing team.

For more information on this application or to learn how business coaching can help your business grow, contact Marco Soares.

Hi, I’m Marco Soares, and I’m here to help you get better results in your business. Over the last ten years, I’ve coached over a hundred and forty business owners helping them achieve better results in a company by getting them to focus on the right things at the right time and helping them understand how to structure and organize their teams and businesses more effectively. 

That doesn’t make me some form of genius. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t profess to. Still, I do have a good understanding of what you need to do to get your business into a position where it is genuinely more profitable, has better cash flow, and your people are more effective and engaged. If you find that you spend a disproportionate amount of your time, the hands-on neck-deep in stuff in your business, you’ll probably find that you don’t have the brain space to take a step back and be the owner of your business. If that resonates, then I’ve created something perfect for you.

Mind Your Own Business” is all about helping you understand some of the key skills that you’ll need to develop and some of the changes that you will need to make to have a business that has rock-solid foundations, is appropriately scalable, and where you are doing the things that add the most value to help you move forward.

I want to help you understand things you need to know about the numbers in your business and how you use them, create a culture of ownership in your company, develop proper sales and marketing strategies and execute a business plan of consistency.

 I will share all of those really practical, solid insights that will help you make better decisions and get better results than you’re getting at the moment. 

 I’m not promising that this is going to be easy, probably far from it.

 You will have to graft, you’re going to have to challenge yourself to think differently, and you’re going to have to do things differently. But I will do my best every week to make sure that everything I cover is simple and practical and that you can see how this would apply to your company.

 If you’re looking for more new business advice, then we’d like to see you every week on “Mind Your Own Business,”

Marco Soares is an award-winning business coach based in Sussex and is available if you’d like help implementing these tactics.

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