Follow up, follow up, follow up How good are you at following up as a manager?. Consistently and effectively following up is one of the key ingredients to help your team get stuff done. 

If you find that you are constantly frustrated because people aren’t doing things and you’re only finding out last minute, check out the “No Surprises Policy” episode. 

You also need to get better at following up; I have conversations with my clients all week long about how frustrated they are that their people aren’t doing the things that they have been asked to do, and when I challenge clients and ask them: – Well, have you been following up effectively? I always get a sheepish “NO”. 

If you want people to do stuff, they need to know that you are serious about them completing tasks; now look, some people in your team don’t need this management level, but there are some people on your team that do, and you know who they are. 

Instead of getting frustrated, make follow-up part of your DNA as a manager; if someone has been asked to do something by 11 o’clock, at 1 minute past 11, you need to go over to them you need to ask them: where is it? That way, people will know that you are serious about getting things sorted out and when they agree to do something, they are more likely to follow through.

This is such an important skill; instead of getting frustrated, get better at following up that way, your people will become more capable, you will be able to back off over time and things will just get done.

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