Worried about Brexit, the economy, Coronavirus, your business well then watch this week’s episode of “Mind Your Own Business”.

The year ahead is likely to be a fairly uncertain year; there’s a lot of stuff going on, there will be some uncertainty, there will be some challenges along the way, but one of the most important things that we need to do as business owners is get our head in the game understand what we should focus our attention on and what we shouldn’t and to help you have a good start to 2021.

I wanted to share a tool with you that I’ve used with my clients for years, and it’s helped them get their heads in the game, help them make the right decisions, and focus their time and energy on the things that matter.

This is the tool called the Circle of Concern, Circle of Influence, and the Circle of Control. In the outer circle, in the bigger circle, we have the Circle of Concern. Now the Circle of Concern is about everything you care about: your family, business, and employees.

Everything fits within the Circle of Concern; all of that stuff is a mix of things that you can directly influence and control and those things that you have zero control over and if we go into the next circle.

The Circle of Influence those are the things that you don’t necessarily have direct control over what happens with those things but you can influence the outcome So for example, you can’t directly control the outcome of whether a client or customer goes to one of your competitors but you can influence that outcome by making sure that you have mechanisms in place to gather regular feedback that you make sure that you are delivering good quality products and services and so forth.

Then the next circle is the Circle of Control. Those are the things that you have direct control over, so you might not be able to have direct control over whether your business hits seven million pounds in turnover. Still, you have direct control over whether you have proper financial plans in place, whether your business model allows you to achieve that kind of turnover, so that’s the essence of this model.

So my challenge for you is: pay attention to where your head is at If you are spending time in that outer ring, you’re wasting time, you’re wasting energy, and you need to give your team, you need to give your business the leadership that it needs and get them to focus on the things that really matter the things that they control over the coming months.

If you’re looking for more small business tips, then we’d like to see you every week on “Mind Your Own Business,”

Marco Soares is an award-winning business coach in Sussex and is available if you’d like help implementing these tactics.