Great news, you are growing, you’ve got loads more customers you start to hire loads more people. All of a sudden, everything’s just going. Things are just not happening the way that they need to happen. There are mistakes happening all over the place. 

Why is that? Well, I’m afraid you may not have a proper process in place for all of the key things in your business. As your business grows and scales, processes will become increasingly important. It’s okay when there are just a few people knocking about the office, everyone can kind of figure things out, but as you start to bring more people into the company, then it starts to get complicated.

Everyone just tries to do their best, with the best of intentions, but that’s when things start to fall over. Do you understand how effective your processes are? Are your processes trained and retrained over and over again to ensure that your people are doing what they need to do? How good are you at inducting people? How clear are your manuals or your various documents, and do you have K.P.I.s and owners for all of the various processes in your business?

Processes are the key to supporting sustainable growth, They are the key to consistency, and they are the key to you not going completely crazy or upsetting all of the customers that you’ve worked so hard to get in the door in the first place.

Where do you need to improve your processes? Go on, have a look at this and see if you can build a better business by building a more process-driven business.

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Marco Soares is an award-winning business coach in Sussex and is available if you’d like help implementing these tactics.