Recruitment process, what recruitment process?

by Leadership and Team

How effective is your recruitment process? (assuming you have one of course). Recruiting the wrong person into your business can be expensive and time consuming. Many businesses don’t have a clear process and tend to leave recruiting until the last minute. This combination substantially increases the chances of an incorrect recruit. So, how do you go about it? Step 1 Review your team and anticipate when you will need additional people so that you can plan your recruitment effectively. My view is that it’s better to recruit just before you need to, this way you are not desperate and your new team member has enough time to be trained properly. Step 2 Create a comprehensive job description for the role before you speak to any consultants, prospects or jobs boards. Identify the areas of responsibility for the role as well as the key daily, weekly and monthly tasks required. Step 3 Market the position. The nature of the role and industry will affect how you do this. I get my clients to do the following; Create an advert concentrating on both the skills and personal attributes or soft skills you need someone to have to be able to fulfil the job description. Then advertise the position on the relevant jobs boards and get a few recruitment consultants on board if necessary. (be sure to give the recruitment consultants a proper brief of what you are looking for to avoid being bombarded by loads of unqualified CV’s) Step 4 Define a clear recruitment process. Outline how many stages you’ll need, who will be involved and create the relevant questionnaires and supporting documents. Make sure that every potential candidate goes through the entire process…don’t short cut the process for people you may know or for recruitment consultants. Step 5 Execute the process as above and don’t settle! Don’t be tempted to pick the best of a bad bunch and don’t select someone who is ‘okay’. Your business deserves the best person it can find. As painful as it may be to go through the above cycle two or three times, it’s worse to have the wrong person in place. That’s it! It takes time to set up, but once you’ve done it (properly), most elements can be tweaked for future recruitment needs.   If you’d like help in implementing the above effectively drop me an email on marcosoares@actioncoach.com