How to run effective business meetings

How to run effective business meetings

‘Boring, complete waste of time, very distracting’

These might be some of the things that come to mind when you think about company meetings. The reality is that many businesses acknowledge that they can get better at communicating and that they need to get better at communicating. So whilst meetings aren’t the complete package of communication available to you, they are certainly a very important component. I’m here to tell you those team meetings are massively important to any businesses – especially growing businesses due to the many moving parts.

6 tips for running effective meetings

Ensure that:

  1. Each meeting has a clear purpose
  2. You manage the time well
  3. You chair the meeting effectively and share the chairing so that everybody can understand just how difficult it is
  4. Everyone is fully prepared
  5. Everyone is 100% present – when they’re in the room they actually need to be in the room
  6. You end off with proper actions using the who, what, when format

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