Will I have enough time for coaching?

How much time will coaching need and will I have time?


One of the big questions that tends to come up when considering working with a business coach is, am I going to have enough time to do this process justice? It’s a fair question because many business owners are under pressure, and it can feel like coaching is just one more thing to add on top of that pile.

This video will explain that in reality, coaching is the complete opposite. When done properly it is a tool to help keep you focused on the things that really matter.

What are you doing that is not business owner work?


A great coach will work with you to help you clearly identify the things that you’re doing that you shouldn’t be doing, and  help you understand what you should be dedicating more time and energy to.

If you’re already working 50 hour weeks, the first priority has to be to create some space. Essentially, stage one is to create the space if the space isn’t there already. Stage two is then to start introducing more and more strategic work, which is what you should be doing if you want to grow your business. Coaching provides you with the right tools and frameworks to work faster and more efficiently and to focus on the business owner work.

Holding you accountable

Another aspect of coaching is around accountability. A great coach will work with you to make sure you do the things that you need to do. This isn’t necessarily about increasing your workload, but about stepping outside of your comfort zone and following through on commitments. It’s about discipline, and learning to work through your excuses. Coaching is a space to be honest and where you can really examine your own behaviors, your own excuses and confront the reality of whether you’re really doing what you should be doing.

Getting the right things done

So in reality coaching can help you get more done. More importantly, it can help you get the right things done in a faster and more efficient way. Coaching is about helping you take that step back and finding the bandwidth and accountability so you can push through those barriers and get things done. It gives you a space to be able to work through challenges and decisions to enable you to get better and faster results.

If you’re ready to understand how you can be a better business owner then please get in touch. 

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