The Financial Masterclass for Business Owners

  • Would you like to have a much better understanding of the numbers in your business?
  • Do you have a good understanding of your P&L, Balance sheet and cashflow forecast?
  • Do you know which numbers to focus on each day and week to grow your business effectively?

You don’t have to be an accountant to run your business effectively, but you do need to know which numbers are important, how to analyse them, and how to balance turnover, growth, profitability and cashflow.

Most business owners are never taught what they need to know and why they need to know it.

This Masterclass is for those who want to improve their knowledge and learn the most important principals and tools relevant to business owners.

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Learn how to:

• Read financial statements (including a balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement)

• Calculate your breakeven and how this changes as margins and overheads fluctuate

• Clarify what reporting you need, how frequently, and why?

• Identify what levers you can manage to improve profit, turnover and cash flow

Having a good understanding of the above will enable you to make much better decisions about costs, investment and growth, and will ensure that you get the most from your team.

Understand your numbers better by booking your place now.

Matt Dean – Lustre Consulting

“Lots of light-bulb moments. And while I was aware that my business needs my greater attention and focus, this has reinforced the situation.”

Jason Blackman – Just Pure

“The best business event I have been to in a very long time!”

Neil Howie – Austen Tapes

“Extremely worthwhile seminar which knocked me out of a somewhat complacent view of my business.”

Scott Thomas – Designmatic

“Excellent and useful experience. Well worth taking the morning off to attend.”

Stefano Cuomo – Macknade Fine Foods

“An excellent and well-structured morning. Lots of information easilyunderstood. Time very well spent.”

Nicci Murphy – Avocet Services

“I really enjoyed the morning, and found it stimulating and informative. A good opportunity to meet other businesses and to really think about my own, thank you.”


Where: Brighton

Date: Friday 7th June 2019

Time: 09:00 – 12:30

Venue: American Express Community Stadium, Brighton, BN1 9BL

Cost: £99 + VAT