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The Grow Your Business Workshop is for Business Owners who:

  • Want to manage the growth of their business effectively
  • Want to accelerate their current rate of growth
  • Have a solid business that has the potential to achieve more

Could your business be even more successful?

Growing your business and managing that growth effectively is exciting, but can be very challenging if you don’t have solid foundations in place.

Your ability to adapt your operations, sales, marketing and team, as you scale your business, will have a direct impact on profit, cashflow and your levels of stress.

Attending this Grow Your Business workshop will help you understand what you need to do to anticipate, and manage the inevitable challenges that arise as your business grows.

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Grow Your Business is all about taking a holistic approach to running your business and helping you, the owner, understand the growth journey and how to navigate through it.

It is a practical workshop that will give you tools and ideas that you can implement in your business straight away.

What will we cover in the workshop?

Ensuring you have solid foundations – We look at vision, planning, key processes and financial visibility

Helping you to be proactive – Making sure you focus your time and energy on high value tasks and projects, and reduce your involvement in the day to day

Developing your A team – Helping you understand how to lead your business effectively, and how to create a team of A players

Turning up the growth dial – If you want to accelerate your growth rate, we’ll show you how to do it.

‘Grow Your Business’ is presented by Marco Soares, one of the top business coaches in the country. Marco works with businesses across the South East and his punchy and practical workshop will ensure you walk away with great ideas that will help you move your business forward.

Matt Dean – Lustre Consulting

“Lots of light-bulb moments. And while I was aware that my business needs my greater attention and focus, this has reinforced the situation.”

Jason Blackman – Just Pure

“The best business event I have been to in a very long time!”

Neil Howie – Austen Tapes

“Extremely worthwhile seminar which knocked me out of a somewhat complacent view of my business.”

Scott Thomas – Designmatic

“Excellent and useful experience. Well worth taking the morning off to attend.”

Stefano Cuomo – Macknade Fine Foods

“An excellent and well-structured morning. Lots of information easilyunderstood. Time very well spent.”

Nicci Murphy – Avocet Services

“I really enjoyed the morning, and found it stimulating and informative. A good opportunity to meet other businesses and to really think about my own, thank you.”


Where: Haywards Heath

Date: Friday 29th June 2018

Time: 08:45 – 12:45

Venue: The Birch Hotel, Lewes Rd, Haywards Heath, RH17 7SF

Cost: £99 + VAT