Tell me about the costs, results and return on investment

Before you make the decision to invest in business coaching you need to know that you will achieve the desired results and see a good return on your investment, so in the video below I explain what results you can expect from working with me.

Results will obviously vary depending on a whole variety of factors, and you will need  to commit to doing the work, but as a general rule I would expect at least 20% growth in the first year of your coaching programme.

How much?

Let’s talk pricing. How much can you expect to pay in fees?

When it comes to investing in a coaching program for your business there are three main variables that have the biggest influence on price, and this video is about helping you understand what they are.

What results can you expect from business coaching?

It completely depends on your company, the size of your business, it depends on the quality of your team, it depends on how effective your functions are.

My job is always to help my clients get really good foundations in place. And then to help them put a proper growth strategy on top of those foundations.

If you’re ready to understand how you can be a better business owner then please get in touch. 

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