As a leader in your business, you’re likely to try a number of ways to improve team effectiveness across your company. Working with a business coach can help improve your team’s effectiveness by strategising and introducing an action plan that is tailored to your team and business needs.

How to build an effective team

Recruiting Great People

The cost of a wrong hire can be astronomical when you consider not just the hard costs of recruitment fee’s, wages and training but also factors like your time investment in the training of people and the knock-on effect this has on your focus and productivity.

Team structuring

To get the best out of your people you need to have clear lines of responsibility, a sensible spread of workload and clear performance expectations for every role.

Many small businesses lack clarity in this area and therefore find it difficult to manage and develop their teams. Worst of all it’s you as the business owner that gets pulled into day to day activities and solving problems instead of focusing on high value tasks.

Leadership Development

Many entrepreneurs have never had any formal leadership or management training which leads to unfocused and static teams in terms of development. Your business will not raise above your leadership ability.

Those who are serious about growth must learn to be better communicators, develop key leadership habits and learn to get out of their own way.

Team engagement

Effective teams need purpose and to understand the bigger picture and how they contribute to the achievement of that bigger picture.

Learning how to implement long term vision and to make this an obsession internally is key to making sure that everyone who works in your business wants to be there and wants to give their best.

How working with a business coach can help you build and improve your team’s effectiveness

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  • Implement an effective recruitment process from creating the job description through to an effective induction.
  • Run effective interviews that test both skill set and cultural fit.
  • Create a structured probationary period with clear performance expectations.

Team structuring

  • Create and implement an effective organisation structure
  • Define clear performance expectations for each team member
  • Implement development plans to stretch your people and keep them happy
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Leadership development

  • Understand what your role should be and who you need around you to be at your best
  • Create/develop a competent management team
  • Identify specific behaviours for you to work on to be an influential and effective leader for your people

Team engagement

  • Define a powerful vision that will inspire you and your team
  • Implement effective meetings and huddles to keep everyone focused on priorities and reducing bottlenecks
  • Improve your skills to coach and mentor your star players
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Learn how business coaching can improve your team’s effectiveness


Why is team effectiveness important?
Effective teams work together to create a competitive edge to accomplish goals and objectives. Teams inspired by effectiveness and positivity encourage the sharing of opinions, skills and experiences which strengthen processes and decision making to help run a successful business.
How can you improve team effectiveness
There are a number of ways to improve team effectiveness such as task delegation, improvement of communication or incentivising. We will tailor methods of improvement according to your business and team needs.
What are the characteristics of an effective team?
An effective team is easily noticeable and stands out especially in what could be a stressful business situation. A few characteristics of an effective team can include high emotional intelligence, sharing of common goals, good communication skills and strong leadership.
What makes a team ineffective?
A lack of purpose is one of the most common reasons teams or members of a team become ineffective. This can lead to a decline in efficiency, work ethic and eventually drives down the overall effectiveness of the team. If you believe your team is headed this way, we can help you understand the causes and put together working solutions to fix an ineffective team.